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The Basics of Buying and Selling A Business. Portland, ME. Tuesday October 16th.

October 16, 2018 , 6pm to 9pm
PlacePortland SCORE
SponsorsPortland SCORE, Maine Business Brokers

Do you want to buy or sell a business? How do you find the right business or a qualified buyer? What is the right price? Buying or selling a business is very different than a real estate transaction: there are specific legal, accounting and process issues that need to be understood by both parties. This workshop will address these issues and help you negotiate the sale or acquisition of a business.


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  • Buying or Selling a Business at “Peak Market”.

    The cyclical nature of the economy can add uncertainty to the timing of an acquisition, or an exit from a business. However, unlike the clarity of an improving economy or the risks inherent in a downturn, buying or selling at a market high creates a unique set of challenges.

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