“Maine Business Brokers utilized a new frontier in pairing business partners - the emerging corporate matchmaking sites on the internet."

- Lori Valigara, Boston Globe

Buy a Business

Finding the right business can be a challenging endeavor, so understanding the process will help you in your search and avoid costly or time-consuming efforts. Begin your search by contacting us. We can answer your questions, help you evaluate a business opportunity or find a business that matches your skills, interests, and finances.

Sell a Business

Most business owners will sell a business only once in their lives, so whether you have a small firm or a large manufacturing company you'll want a broker who understands your business. Business brokerage is not just setting a price or finding a willing buyer: it's effective marketing, protecting your confidentiality, and getting to a successful closing. Choose the right broker by taking time to meet for an in-depth conversation.


  • Price and salability

    Common sense and experience teaches us that there is a direct link between the price of an asset and it’s “salability” (the ease and speed in which it can sell). Whether it’s a house, a car, or other valuable, reducing the price will speed up a sale and increasing the price will slow the sale or make it unsalable.