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Below is a list of our client testimonials.

I have had the pleasure of working on three well-organized closings with Maine Business Brokers. In each case, they did a superior job of working as part of a team to keep the deal moving...
Alix Caulfield, Esq., Drummond & Drummond, LLC, Portland
I have read the very informative articles you have on the Maine Business Brokers website. They will be very helpful to me as I start my own business brokerage firm here in Singapore.
Albert Wong, Republic of Singapore
I have read all of the articles on the Maine Business Brokers website and have found them informative and helpful. Thanks!
Andrew Borowiec, President, Paper Strategies, Inc. Totowa, New Jersey
What Maine Business Brokers did that impressed me most was the presentation of a clear offering summary about the business. Theirs was the best I saw in my long search for a business.
Armand Rouleau, Buyer, New Hampshire Marble Londonderry, NH
Maine Business Brokers is needed around the world! You obviously know what you're doing. There are no business brokers here yet, so I am beginning to start from scratch. Maybe you can start a franchise here?!
Annie Lau, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Maine Business Brokers helped me so much! The professionalism, honesty and sense of humor were all appreciated
Bob Hartnett, Owner, Hartnett House Map Publishers
If you have not seen a copy of the Offering Summary sent to me by Maine Business Brokers, you should. It was the best presentation of a business that I have seen.
Brian Meader, Buyer, Email sent to a New Hampshire broker
When I finally consulted with Maine Business Brokers, they gave me a realistic price and terms combination that finally helped to get my business sold
Cal Brown, Seller, C&G Fence Company, Litchfield, Maine
Maine Business Brokers was right there at every turn on the phone, in my email, at my home or meeting with the prospective buyers in their offices. I needed their advice on a number of points during a long negotiation. I never had to wait to hear from them. They were always accessible and responsive.
Cal Brown, Seller, C&G Fence Company, Litchfield, Maine
The professional sales package assembled by Maine Business Brokers was superb. It laid out the story of my business. It showed how the numbers worked. It pointed the buyer in the right direction.
Cal Brown, Seller, C&G Fence Company, Litchfield, Maine
Maine Business Brokers is very professional. During our sale, there was also a genuine friendship and concern. They really know their business.
Carleton Willett, Seller, New Hampshire Marble, Londonderry, NH
Even after receiving the offer I finally accepted, Maine Business Brokers managed to keep the business on the market, so we didn't lose other prospects or miss new ones. They helped me to keep the process moving forward.
Cal Brown, Seller, C&G Fence Company, Litchfield, Maine
Stewart Blackburn didn't hire a business broker to sell the businesses he owned with his wife, Suzanne, until he found someone entirely devoted to the challenge . . . Maine Business Brokers in Portland, Maine.
Carole Matthews, "Finding the Right Business Broker"
Maine Business Brokers was very professional in their dealings with us. Their material was informative, up-front and very realistic with lots of facts. They were willing to work around my tight schedule. The best!
Chris Bragg, Buyer, Public Information Resources, Monmouth, Maine
The prospectus Maine Business Brokers prepares is very professional. Some of Wall Street's biggest firms do not always prepare such a fine document.
N. Price Paschall, Partner, National Acquisition Search Service, 120 Wall Street, New York, NY From a letter written
You at Maine Business Brokers do the best offering package of any broker I have seen. As a buyer prospect, it gave me all the information I needed to decide whether or not I was interested. It saved the seller and me a lot of time. The offering package answered most questions right up front." "Without Maine Business Brokers, I really don't think I would have purchased this marina. I had a major dsagreement with the seller on price. Without the skilled negotiation by the brokers, it just wouldn't have happened." "Even though you (Maine Business Brokers) represented the seller, I found out that you were reasonable and understood what I needed to do to make it happen. There were many things to iron out before this would go forward - the agreement, the financing terms and the transition to new ownership." "You help a lot. I don't think that most people would imagine how complicated it can be, or how much you do to make it happen.
Dan Craffey, Buyer, Moose Landing Marina, Naples, ME
The article on valuation in the newsletter of Maine Business Brokers was well written, informative, accurate and hype free. It was simply elegant!
Gore Flynn, President, Enterprise Resources, Portland, Maine
I was very satisfied with the services of Maine Business Brokers. They cordially responded to all of my endless questions. I was very comfortable working with them. I rate my overall experience as 'excellent'.
Gretchen Bates, Seller, Katahdin Restaurant, Portland, Maine
I was pessimistic when I asked Maine Business Brokers to help sell Spinney Creek Oyster Company in Eliot, Maine. We had lost money. I was tired of managing the business. We had few tangible assets. But they saw the potential and assembled a prospectus. They were able to lay out the cash flow and portray it as a dynamic, futuristic business.
Ian Walker, Seller, Spinney Creek Oyster Company, Eliot, Maine (now Spinney Creek Shellfish)
Maine Business Brokers is the best business brokerage firm in the country, if I judge from the very informative articles you have on your website. I am upset we can't hire you to market our business in Montana.
Jackie Robin, Owner of the Hungry Moose, Big Sky, Montana, E-mail
The people at Maine Business Brokers spend 100 percent of their time helping people find the right business to buy or sellers find the right buyer.
Jennifer Hill, Developments Bulletin, Monthly Publication, Women's Business Devel. Corp.
Maine Business Brokers . . . making happy marriages between small business sellers and the growing number of people who want to own a business in Maine.
Joanne Lannin, Maine Sunday Telegram
I have read all of your articles . . . and I just wanted to drop you a note to say 'Thank You' and to let you know how informative I have found them. I am an entertainment executive in Los Angeles and I have thought about acquiring a business, but didn't know quite how to proceed. Your articles gave me some things to think about.
Joey Carson, Los Angeles, California
Maine Business Brokers sold our oceanfront inn. They handled everything with total professionalism. We were very impressed by their positive attitudes and attention to details throughout the marketing effort. We would recommend them very highly.
John & Daryl Bullard, Sellers, Terrace by the Sea, Ogunquit, Maine
We really appreciated how easy you are to work with. You have done a good job of selling our business to the right person. You are very professional, yet you are fun! Thanks so much for all you have done
John & June Stauffer, Sellers, Maine Bucket Company, Lewiston, ME Letter
Our experience with Maine Business Brokers goes back to a previous transaction gone awry. In that dealing, they were very candid with us. They built a good relationship that we valued
Joi Kressbach, Buyer, MaineLobsterDirect.com, Portland, Maine
Maine Business Brokers sold our business quickly. Their systems, teamwork and track record impressed us. They were knowledgeable, experienced and available when we needed to talk. That's why we hired them." "We felt we went with the best business broker in Maine. They helped us value our business and prepared a well-crafted offering package. They handled the negotiations superbly. We are very impressed with the effort they made to protect our confidentiality." "It's not only the level of service that impressed us, but how the service was delivered - with warmth, friendliness, humor and caring.
John and Suzan Henkel, Sellers, J.A. Henkel Co., Brunswick, ME
I just got finished reading all of your articles on your website. I must say, I don't think I've ever read better presentations of how this all works. Wow! You are some writer!
Judy Miller, President, American Note Company, Inc.
Business Brokers like [Maine Business Brokers] represent the seller. But they also work closely with small business buyers, screening their credentials and setting up meetings between those who want into business and those who want out.
Kim Strosnider, Portland Press Herald
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy Maine Business Brokers articles on your website. I am a professional journalist. Your clear, concise writing is a welcome change from what I have seen elsewhere. You convey optimism while still being realistic about the challenges of small business ownership.
Kevin Adler, Email
When Maine Business Brokers sold Aquaboggan Waterpark in Saco, Maine in 1999, it did so utilizing a new frontier in pairing business partners - the emerging corporate matchmaking sites on the Internet. Where else but on the Internet would an offshoot of an Iowa egg producer end up buying a water slide amusement park in Maine?
Lori Valigra, Buyer, MaineLobsterDirect.com, Portland, Maine
Maine Business Brokers earned my trust with their actions. We sincerely appreciated that they were giving us a straight-forward story.
Lee Kressbach, Buyer, MaineLobsterDirect.com, Portland, Maine
My overall opinion of Maine Business Brokers can be summed up in one word: excellent! They are very professional.
Marc Fournier, Seller, Public Information Resources Auburn, Maine
A heartfelt thanks to Maine Business Brokers for all your help. Thanks to you, we have a life again. You are very good at what you do and I wont hesitate to recommend you whenever I can. I couldn't have done it without you!
Nancy Beaule, Current Owner, BetaBake Products, Inc. Lewiston, Maine Seller, Computer Graphics Printing, Lewiston, ME
After two years of interviewing business owners and friends, taking night classes on small business management, and combing through articles and ads, you have answered several of my biggest questions with your simple and straight forward articles. If you want my vote, yours is the best business brokerage website ever.
Michael Dickinson, Laguna Niguel, California
Maine Business Brokers' service was quick, concise, honest and thorough. I recommend them highly.
Peter Bunker, Buyer, Shad's Advertising Auburn, ME
Maine Business Brokers' service was quick. Overall, the service of Maine Business Brokers was in the excellent category. The warm and friendly manner of the service was accompanied by timely and thorough follow-up... concise, honest and thorough. I recommend them highly.
Richard W. Hale, Buyer, Furnex, Lewiston, Maine
I listed with Maine Business Brokers because I trusted them and expected that they could get the job done right. They did exactly what they said they would do.
Russ Turner, Seller, MaineLobsterDirect.com, Portland, Maine
Maine Business Brokers worked to straighten out all the details with my accountant. Without their competence and teamwork, we would not have been able to keep everything on track
Russ Turner, Seller, MaineLobsterDirect.com, Portland, Maine
I kid the owners of Maine Business Brokers that they are 'the grand pooh-bahs of business brokerage.' I feel that we are friends. I appreciate that they are just straight-shooters
Russ Turner, Seller, MaineLobsterDirect.com, Portland, Maine
Brokers [like Maine Business Brokers] now facilitate mergers and sales of companies of all sizes. A recent [list of businesses] for sale with Maine Business Brokers . . . highlighted 14 different companies with annual sales ranging from $200,000 to $6 million.
Sara Walbridge, MaineBiz
I just finished reading the Maine Business Brokers collection of articles on your website. I commend you for the content, writing style, conciseness and attention to detail. I have owned my own business for 16 years and feel that your writings were outstanding. I felt compelled to write and offer my congratulations.
Sam Obert, Santa Cruz, California, Email
Maine Business Brokers is very professional. Their knowledge about business, financing is only exceeded by their understanding of human relations and the dynamics of negotiation.
Stanley Bernard, Seller, SHAD'S Advertising, Auburn, Maine
Like a Phoenix, Coveside Conservation Products, a leading manufacturer of wooden bird and bat houses endorsed by the Audubon Naturalist Society, rose from the ashes literally in August 1995 after in burned to the ground. The owners, Tom and Judy Ewing, could not afford to rebuild, so they hired Maine Business Brokers to manage the sale of their now invisible business. The sale was finalized in February 1996.
Sara Walbridge, MaineBiz
My meeting with Maine Business Brokers was the most professional meeting I've had to date. I appreciate your candor. I've been in touch with every business broker, but you are clearly the best.
Steven M. Schmidt, Prospective Buyer, Letter
Maine Business Brokers was professional from start to finish - a 4-star rating! I was impressed with everything. These people are real pros.
Tony Fiorino, Seller, Tony's Pizza, Wiscasset, Maine
Maine Business Brokers did a masterful job in handling the various personalities and changing emotions, achieving the goal of keeping the process on track and moving ahead to a conclusion. You nursed and coached my daughter and son-in-law to a successful conclusion in purchasing this business.
Willis C. Arndt, Stonington, CT
Your team earned my trust with quick responses and comlete follow-up. I never had to wonder what was happening.
Connie Greer, Seller, York Antiques Gallery, York, Maine

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