Most of our business opportunity listings are confidential. In order for you to obtain information about any of our business opportunities the first step is to complete and submit our Buyer Registration Form, which includes your contact and financial information as well as your agreement to confidentiality.  Your registration will generally be processed within one business day and then be given to one of our brokers who will contact you.

Evaluation Services

We offer Business Evaluation Services to buyers: let us put our expertise and experience to work for you.  Avoid many of the missteps common to buying a business by utilizing our services.

Business Opportunities

Please feel free to review our list of current business opportunities.  Our listings ads are purposefully vague and we often have listings that we don’t actively advertise—it’s always a good idea to speak with one of our brokers about your interests and search criteria.

Buying a Business Guide

Our guide “How to Buy a Business” gives you step-by-step instructions to buying a business.  This guide was written for first time buyers and meant to save you valuable time and money in needless efforts or expenses.

Order the E-Book.

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“ Maine Business Brokers' services was quick, concise, honest, and thorough. I recommended them highly. ”
- Peter Bunker - Buyer, Shads Advertising - Auburn, ME