Evaluation Services

We offer Business Evaluation Services to buyers: if you've found an opportunity that you want to pursue, let us put our expertise and experience to work for you.   No matter the type of business or it's location we can help you analyze the business opportunity. Avoid many of the missteps common to buying a business by utilizing our services.

What the Evaluation Includes

  • Analysis of Materials provided by Seller
  • Business Valuation Range based on Market Comparables
  • Analysis of Intangible Factors of the Business
  • Analysis of Historical Performance
  • Analysis of Expenses
  • Follow up Questions for Seller
  • Due Diligence Strategy
  • Negotiation Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis

Buying a Business Can Be a Life-Changing Decision

Manage your risks and costs with our Evaluation Services.  Our analysis can help:

  • Determine if this is an opportunity worth pursuing
  • Identify issues before acquisition
  • Save acquisition costs through effective and fair offers.
  • Identify the right questions to ask the seller

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  • Buying and Selling a Business Simplified. Know the Three “P’s”.

    Most people will only buy or sell a business once in their life, it’s usually not a process that they understand. Buying or selling a business is very different than real estate transactions or other asset sales: it can take up to 18 months to have a successful closing; valuations can seem subjective; the tax implications can be complicated for both sides of the deal; and the closing documents and supporting schedules can be legally complex.

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“ Maine Business Brokers' services was quick, concise, honest, and thorough. I recommended them highly. ”
- Peter Bunker - Buyer, Shads Advertising - Auburn, ME