About Us

The primary aim of Maine Business Brokers is to provide its clients and customers, as well as its employees, brokers, and owners, a better life.

To fulfill this purpose, our business is structured around systems, teamwork, and a track record that can be leveraged to serve our clients and customers, and to give brokers and employees a personally rewarding work environment.

Systems, Teamwork, Track Record

We are dedicated to developing and continually improving systems that make it easier for business sellers and buyers to successfully sell and buy businesses.

By committing ourselves to this mission, we make a contribution to our own lives, to the lives of our clients and customers, and even to the larger world. 

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“ Maine Business Brokers' services was quick, concise, honest, and thorough. I recommended them highly. ”
- Peter Bunker - Buyer, Shads Advertising - Auburn, ME