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Price and salability

June 27, 2016 by brian

Common sense and experience teaches us that there is a direct link between the price of an asset and it’s “salability” (the ease and speed in which it can sell). Whether it’s a house, a car, or other valuable, reducing the price will speed up a sale and increasing the price will slow the sale or make it unsalable.

Market Summary Summer 2016

June 27, 2016 by brian

While June-August have historically been the slowest months of brokerage activity, we are scheduled for a number of closings in the next 30 days and continue to see strong buyer activity. Recent macro events (Brexit & presidential politics) might have an impact on the economy, but we expect both southern ME & NH to be mostly sheltered from these disruptions.

Finding the perfect buyer or business.

April 04, 2016 by brian

It’s commonly understood amongst business brokers that a buyer will rarely find the perfect business or that a seller will find the perfect buyer. Unrealistic expectations can lead to deal paralysis or difficulty in closing a transaction when each side holds out for a better deal or a more qualified buyer.

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